In many ways, Kalmia Landing is a true "neighborhood." Perhaps the kind in which you grew up. Safe. Friendly. Clean. Beautifully cared for. A place where people know each other and say hello and help one another whenever there's a need.  

     In other ways, it's a very unique neighborhood. For one thing, all of us are middle-aged and over. And very active - in body, mind and lifestyle. Just getting "warmed up" you might say. This maturity lends a real peacefulness to the place. It also enhances the friendships here because we find we have a great deal in common. As well as whole lifetimes worth of experiences and knowledge to share with and learn from one another.

     As residents, we are personally invested in the ongoing quality, integrity, security, stability and vitality of Kalmia Landing. A monthly assessment is used to fund basic lawn care, and other basic grounds-keeping needs, the common security gate, the pool and clubhouse, and basic building and home exterior maintenance (including roofs). A chart of responsibilities is included in the tab "Policies and Procedures". A reserve fund is maintained for capital replacement.  

2019 Assessment monthly rates are:  
Patio Homes & Villas              $280.00
2 Bedroom Condominium       $311.10
1 Bedroom  Condominium      $293.90

Cable TV                               $42.00 (optional)
     Each of us, as private homeowners, pay for our own utilities, taxes and insurance.

     We all uphold a Protective Covenant with each other to govern the other common facilities and shared property. Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who serve without remuneration, and are elected by the residents.   

     *(Minimum required age of homeowners is 55)